We are proud to be the main sponsor for the ‘15th Romanian Film Festival in London’ 2019 for the second year running

We’re delighted to play a key role for the second year running for ‘The 15th Romanian Film Festival in London‘ (RFF15) taking place at Curzon Soho between 24 – 28 October 2019.

Following on from the success of previous years, The Romanian Film Festival is set to attract a large crowd who will be kept entertained by new releases, talented artists, and important debates with film experts and critics, from Romania to the UK.

There will be special events and conversations accompany the screenings, continuing the tradition of the festival as a joyful celebration of Romanian cinema.

There will also be Award-winning filmmakers, directors and actors whom will joining the festival to enter into a dialogue with their audiences.

A brief history:
The history and track record of RFF15 makes it “one of the major Romanian cultural events of the year in Britain. For many, this will be an opportunity to encounter a cinema which addresses itself to the history and conditions of a specific audience, while at the same time tackling themes which are universal, and which explore the emotions and experience of an international public.” More information is available at www.rofilmfest.com

We are looking forward to attending the event and wish all The Romanian Film Festival organisers the very best of luck!