Fire Prevention

We offer a range of services which provide firestopping and fire protection throughout a building, helping to maintain the building’s structure in the event of a fire and buying valuable time for occupants to safely escape. Beyond insulation’s inherent fire-resistant qualities, our works conform to current fire regulations.

Our Fire resistance offerings cater for most general purposes and specialty building applications:

  • Installing and certifying Door sets
  • Gerda Improved installer
  • Fire stopping to service penetrations
  • Construction of compartmentation cupboard to house meters and services
  • Compartmentation of service ducts & between floor voids
  • Install Fire break partitions – fire break walls
  • Structural protection
  • Penetration seals
  • Joints
  • Cavity barriers
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Process pipes

Our experienced Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) team here at Gateville Group holds FIRAS / BM TRADA accreditations and all our works are in compliance with all relevant Health & Safety legislations.

We ensure that all our works are within both the clients’ requirements and manufacturer’s specifications, maintaining our services at the highest standards of fire safety management.