Cladding has been widely used in construction for a number of years and offers considerable benefit to the exterior of a building, and more specifically to multi dwelling properties and high-rise blocks of flats.

A Building facade where cladding has been installed plays a key role in improving energy & thermal performance as well as acting as an acoustic element to its inclusion.

The correct installation of cladding, or curtain walling, is imperative to acoustic performance. If it is incorrectly installed it can create a “flanking” path – an area of weakness – that can undermine the sound insulation of internal floors and walls and the exterior building facade itself.

Flanking noise transmission routes include through mullions in windows and between the slabs and the curtain walling itself.

Fire rated Cladding contractor

Our wealth of knowledge and experience means we understand the importance of utilising cladding as a fire proof suppressant. Ensuring the cladding has fire breaks within the cladding at each floor level with fire rated partition walls to reflect the internal fire compartmentation.

For those with high-rise properties, we ensure the cladding is fire rated and that there is enough working passive and active fire prevention systems in place. With the right system in place you not only control and slow the spread of fire – but you also ensure the safety of those occupying the building.

We are able undertake reviews assessing suitability for Part E of the Regulations, Acoustics; and Part L, Energy and recommend appropriate solutions.

Cladding removal and installation

The need for cladding removal has recently been brought to the public’s attention in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster and a report subsequently that found 87 tower blocks in the UK had used the same cladding as the Grenfell Tower.

If you need a company that will remove any cladding that doesn’t meet the fire protection standards, Gateville Group can help. We are equipped with the highest quality equipment to work at heights using ropes, mast climbers or scaffolding so we can assure you that our services meet the most stringent of standards.

Also, we can install new, safe and secure cladding on your building. If you have any queries about cladding removal, please get in touch.