Looking after the Community

Gateville Group take their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously, and
when we looked around for a project to support, we wanted it to align with our core values and for us to make a real difference.

Our CSR policy considers customers, employees and stakeholders; we believe it is important to have a socially conscious image and to demonstrate our good corporate citizenship on social, economic and environmental factors. Which is why to chose to work with A2Dominion.

A2Dominion are a Housing Association who provide a range of homes for rent and sale at affordable prices. They have a social purpose, in that 100% of their profits back go into building new homes and services. They invest in their community, believing that when people live in one of their homes, they are a valued member of the community. Last year, A2Dominion reinvested £1.6 million into creating opportunities for their communities.

One particular managed project is a scheme of 28 young people, aged between 18 and 25, who receive life skills and support to prepare them to deal with life after they leave the scheme.

The Foyer Internet Café is an initiative from the Community Investment team at A2Dominion to help these young people. After consulting with their staff at the scheme, it was agreed to create an internet café where the residents can learn IT skills, submit CV to perspective employees and apply for jobs, or just enjoy the internet and the social networking.

This is where Gateville stepped in, by providing valuable service, products and equipment for the Café, including flooring, electrical and installation of the Kitchen. We are proud to be associated with this community initiative which helps young people make the most of their potential, offering access to education, skills and training and thereby giving real support and guidance for their future.

We look forward to further developments of this scheme and extending our Corporate Social Responsibility into the Community.

Bogdan Catargiu, Gateville’s Managing Director said “Much like our recent football sponsorship, we strive to build relationships with our local communities. Watch out for further civic developments and initiatives throughout the year.”